I would HIGHLY recommend Eddie

I have had the pleasure in meeting Eddie while at the Spartan Races and have always been impressed with his running style and his humble, positive attitude. I have been an ok runner but wanted to find a way to improve on my speed/strength/endurance so I have asked Eddie if he could help me and he was more than happy to oblige. I have absolutely loved working with Eddie, he gets to know his client’s goals and history before developing a comprehensive and easy to follow training plan tailored specifically for that person. His plans include in-depth descriptions for each workout including pre/post run recovery and everything from pacing to fueling, he also monitored my progress and always offers advice and encouragement throughout the entire process. Eddie has helped me in all aspects of my running and working with him has made me a better runner overall. I would HIGHLY recommend Eddie and I will use him again to help me with my upcoming races!

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