New to running? Download my free Couch to 5k four-week running plan and get your feet wet in the world of running!

Looking to run your first race or on a mission to PR? Your journey begins here. We have the plans you need to start off right and finish strong—regardless of your level or the goals you want to achieve.

I am a UESCA-certified running coach. I customize every purchased running program to meet your goals–whether that’s being able to run a new distance, or shave time off current ones to claim your newest PR.

I offer the following programs available for purchase through a site I partner with,

Every purchased running program includes the following:

  • (1) personalized running program suited to your desired distance
  • Analysis of current running form and feedback for improvement
  • Questionnaire, along with a 1:1 initial consultation to discuss goals and expectations
  • Educational information as you go
  • Communication with me, your coach, throughout your program, including check-ins
  • Ability to purchase additional running plans for yourself at a discounted rate
  • Ability to add-on cardio, lift, and/or flex strength programs at a 20% discounted rate through a site I partner with,